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Transport Managers and Compliance.

Transport Managers (TM’s) have a unique and at times onerous role. They are the operator’s representative and their remit is to ensure that drivers and operators remain compliant.

Traffic Commissioner's hold TM's to account and whilst they realise how challenging the role can be, they do not tolerate any flouting of the Operators Undertakings.

The penalties for failings can be serious and could mean loss of Repute which would mean no longer being able to hold a CPC. Loss of the CPC is effectively loss of livelihood.

That is where CheckedSafe comes in. Compliance is manageable with CheckedSafe.


Implications For Transport Managers In Appropriate Cases

Traffic Commissioners can and do use their powers to revoke the repute of TM’s who do not tackle compliance issues and ignore their obligations. This in turn prevents them from working as a TM.

Penalties can range from curtailment of an operator’s licence, suspension of an operator’s licence, fines and loss of repute for the TM. The consequences for non-compliance are serious.



Transport Managers and Checkedsafe:

Whilst using CheckedSafe, we can’t guarantee to make the TM’s job easier but we can certainly make it simpler.

Currently with a paper based system, when drivers complete their daily walk round checks, first user or Pre-Use checks on either a Vehicle Defect Card or paper, the TM must sit and collate all the information and make judgement calls based upon often outdated information.

By using CheckedSafe, a driver completes their check using an App. Once the check is finished, all the information is sent directly to the back office, any defects will automatically be flagged and you will be notified in real time.

Instead of sifting through 100 paper vehicles checks the TM can simply focus on the two with actual defects. By only examining defective vehicles that alone makes the operation 98% more efficient as the TM is not looking at 100 checks.

It is not only compliance that CheckedSafe allows. The system allows checks of any sort to be undertaken for example, accident data can be captured post collision (replacing the paper “bump card”) By getting post collision data in real time the cost of claims can be reduced thus directly impacting upon renewal premiums.

CheckedSafe is cloud based and data is available 24/7/365. Having such data available at your fingertips is an extremely powerful tool.

Commonly paper records are retained for a minimum of 15 months however, the CheckedSafe Compliance Management System allows for retention of all documents indefinetly in our secure system. This allows easy recall of records for regulatory purposes or insurance purposes.

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