Flexi makes excellent use of space

Versatile machines for all applications - Equally at home inside or outdoors.

The Flexi AC articulated warehouse truck accommodates 25 – 30% more pallets in a warehouse compared to a traditional reach truck.

  • Lift heights from 3 metres to over 13 metres
  • Capacity up to 2500 kg at 600mm load centres
  • Operate in a very narrow aisle ways 1.6 m, 1.8m or 2.0m without steel guide rails or inductive wire guidance.
  • Provide high density warehouse storage with 100% selectivity to each load stored
  • Transport loads from trailer to rack in one operation
  • Twin Deep telescopic fork model for even greater storage capacity and cost saving
  • You save wasted aisle space and achieve more storage density compared to other trucks, therefore reducing the cost per pallet stored by more than 25%.
  • Flexi ‘True Radius’ eliminates product and rack damage in aisle.
  • No ‘reach legs’ eliminates wasted space above the bottom load and the first beam level, improving storage capacity by 5%.
  • Eliminates the cost of steel rail or inductive wire guidance system and super flat floors required with Man-Up very narrow lateral stacking solutions.
  • Twin front wheel drive is proven technology used on conventional counterbalance trucks. Minimal tyre scrub when turning, tractive effect increases when laden.
  • Better outdoor working with super-elastic tyres.
  • Excellent use of space

    Excellent use of space

  • Versatile Machines

    Versatile Machines

  • Use inside or outdoors

    Use inside or outdoors

 “We had an export container arrive one morning; when we opened the doors we were greeted with two 2.5 metre square cases each weighing 1800kgs. Whilst the weight was not an issue, the forks were not long enough to lift the cases. We called Amvar and In forty minutes the fork extensions were on our premises and we carried on unloading the container. Brilliant.”

Eriks - Alan Woodford, Warehouse Manager