MaxTruck is a truly unique forklift truck which combines excellent manoeuvrability with versatile handling.

This Omni-Directional electric truck is a completely new concept with unique steering and moving capabilities.

The forklift is able to move in all directions, steering around any point, travelling sideways and rotating whilst moving in a specific direction.

The MaxTruck 2T offers the following benefits:

  • Ideal for handling long loads through narrow doorways
  • Easily handles standard pallets and stillages in racking
  • Will unload a vehicle from one side saving space in the yard
  • Double deep storage¬†
  • Will operate in aisles of only 1600mm wide
  • Quick and easy changeover of various handling attachments 'from the cab' including 180 degree rotating forks, lifting boom or bucket.
  • The truck can easily be converted to a fully operational access platform for working heights up to 8 metres
  • Easy battery changeover for multiple shift applications
  • Low maintenance¬†

MaxTruck 2T also includes a patented ASE safety system which is designed to control the stability and speed of the truck if reaching critical levels to guarantee safer handling

The truck is designed with typical Swedish ergonomics and controls for productive and precise operation

  • With elevated platform up to 8m

    With elevated platform up to 8m

  • With bucket attachment

    With bucket attachment

  • With boom attachment

    With boom attachment

  • With forks

    With forks

"During the last couple of years Heller has implemented a number of significant changes to its material handling systems. Amvar has provided support, experience, and cost effective solutions to facilitate our in-house improvements on time and within budget."

Jeff Potter, Heller Machine Tools Limited