Special offer –Winteriser Package’ for Your Forklift Truck(s)

make sure your trucks are safe and ready for the colder months ahead

  •  Check and top-up levels:
  •  Water/Antifreeze
  •  Engine Oil
  •  Hydraulic Oil
  •  Check condition of starter battery
  •  Check brakes are functioning safely
  •  Check tyres
  •  Check foot pedal rubbers
  •  Wipers and washers
  •  SG readings on traction batteries

£55.00 plus VAT


 Please call our servicing team on
01384 566 565
to book your forklift in today!


"I have dealt with Malcolm and his team now for a number of years and have established a strong friendship built on trust and reliability. I am delighted with Amvar's continual commitment to support our business throughout the years, ensuring we achieve our sustainability goals. Amvar have gone to great lengths to minimise service disruption and understand our changing requirements. Long may our relationship continue."

John Newburn, Kettler GB Ltd