Meet the new TCM highly innovative 3-wheel & 4-wheel electric forklift.

This highly anticipated forklift is packed with ‘best-in-class’ features, surprising innovation and clever touches, designed to make it a truck for the future.

Best in class energy consumption – at 4.2kwh per hour, our machine is significantly more efficient than its nearest rivals

This means longer shift life for batteries, lower operating costs and improves your carbon footprint.

Excellent visibility – the all-round improvements to operator visibility, which are inherent in this model increase safety for operators and pedestrians and reduces damage to goods, racking and buildings.

'Pro vision'

  • Thin rear pillar makes for comfortable rear visibility
  • Bar-type over head guard optimizes top view
  • Low instruments panel increase fork-tip visibility
  • Transparent panel increases fork-heel visibility

Stability support system:

  • Cornering control
  • Lift speed is controlled by lift height and load
  • Tilt speed/acceleration is controlled by load and lift height
  • Travelling speed limiter (adjustable)
  • Travel acceleration is controlled by lift height and tilt angle
  • Travelling deceleration is controlled by lift height and tilt angle

Standard safety features:

  •  Steering force feedback (proportional with speed)
  •  Steering wheel indicator
  •  Automatic parking brake (stop on ramp)
  •  Pin code entry system with personal performance profile
  •  Brakes lamps activate during truck deceleration
  •  Load weight indicator on meter panel
  •  Overload warning 

Other built-in features

  • Low step height – ‘best in class’ easier to get on and off the truck
  • Large grab handle for safe access 
  • Roomy, uncluttered footplate area 
  • Slim 'fly by wire' adjustable steering column
  • Pre-operation check list
  • Auto parking brake
  • Rear grab handle with built-in horn button
  • Blue light safety system
  • Rear reversing light and beacon
  • LED lights
  • Rain guard to OHG
  • Full suspension seat
  • Integral sideshift - no loss of capacity
  • Large battery access door for easy side battery removal and maintenance




 “Amvar Handling Solutions has been a long standing supplier to EH Smith across our West Midlands operations. Amvar has always been very proactive in finding ways to improve our materials handling and to save us money. One project saved EH Smith £35,000 a year!”

EH Smith - Andy Webb, Operations Director