Fork Lift Truck Checks Endorsed By The FLTA & In Partnership With AMVAR

Fork Lift Truck Checks Endorsed By The FLTA & In Partnership With AMVAR

Monitoring daily checks carried out on paper is a problem for most organisations but thankfully there is a now a better way. It is now possible to do the same check on a smartphone or tablet via a digital App.

Checkedsafe have partnered with AMVAR and been endorsed by the FLTA to digitise the daily forklift inspection check. The new App digitises the current fork lift inspection document, removing paper based systems thus enabling the driver to complete a check/ first user check from their smart phone.

This allows the driver carrying out the inspection to speed up the process and submit the results in real time from the App. Drivers can also add detailed notes and take pictures of faults and the actions they took to correct them. Once the check is finished, the report is sent and is viewable on the Checkedsafe Compliance Management System (CMS).

All failed Fork Lift checks will automatically generate an immediate notification which will be sent to your line manager or administrator for inspection and guidance. The CMS suite will automatically store the recorded data which can be downloaded in PDF or excel format for further analysis and KPI.




Paper v Digital Forklift Checks

There is a proven saving by removing the paper based fork lift check and moving to a digital check. This is not only in relation to the storage of all paper cards but on distribution, collection and manual data entry of each card.

The peace of mind, knowing that all the fork lift checks are completed whilst being notified in real time of any defects across your entire fork lift fleet adds value and helps stream line your operation. By moving to digital checks you reduce the labour intensive handling of paper checks thus allowing staff redeployed into other areas of the business.

Track non-compliant workers who flout the rules with evidence based reporting which identifies repeat offenders who expose your company to financial risks and curtailments.

Real-time notification of defects on checks carried out in the workplace enable your service department to schedule their workflow and more importantly, order parts required immediately to keep your equipment in service.

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