How to choose the best Hand Pallet Truck for your business and achieve the best value for money.

How to choose the best Hand Pallet Truck for your business and achieve the best value for money.

A Hand Pallet Truck, is a piece of machinery which is used to lift and move loads around a workplace and is in essence, a hand forklift truck that has no battery to charge and relatively low service/maintenance costs. They are designed to move loads of all shapes, sizes and weights within an operator working area. - but which option is best suited for your business?

As you are here reading this article, the chances are you already know this - but which option is best suited for your business?

Obviously, you want to choose a model that has an extended lifespan, requires minimal maintenance, is correctly sized to move your loads effectively and is available at a reasonable price.

When choosing a Hand Pallet Truck, you need to consider the following:

Fork Size

Hand Pallet Truck Forks are manufactured in various sizes to suit the different sizes of pallets available. UK pallets are typically sized at 1200mm x 1000mm & EU pallets are typically 1200mm x 800mm.

UK/CHEP pallets tend to be wider and use pallet trucks with a width over forks of 680mm – 685mm.

EU pallets tend to be narrower with the width over forks being 520mm – 540mm.

Therefore, check your pallet and the fork dimensions needed carefully before ordering.


Special Options for forks

Super Low Profile - Approx 31mm ground clearance

Low Profile – Approx 51mm – 55mm ground clearance

INOX – (Galvanised Stainless Steel Truck) – useful in environments where regular cleaning is essential i.e. Food facilities, healthcare etc.

Rough Terrain – Larger wheels for very uneven terrain for use with environments where debris is an issue.

Weigh Scale - Used to measure the weight of the load on the forks.




Powered or Manual


Manual Hand Pallet Trucks are manually moved around by hand and can lift up to 3000kg in weight, but 2000kg – 2500kg tends to be a more popular option with the manual trucks due to the strength needed to maneuverer heavier loads.

They are commonly used in retail & smaller warehouse areas to move pallets around the premises within a short walking distance.


Powered pallet trucks are motorised to allow easy lifting and manoeuvrability of heavy loads.

Some models come with a stand on platform and some are designed for the operator to walk behind.

 This kind of pallet truck is ideal for situations where operators regularly move heavy palletised loads or where the operator needs to travel longer distances with pallets.




Check for reliability

Do your research when choosing a reliable brand - if you want your pallet truck to have a long-life span and need minimal maintenance you need to choose a reliable, reputable brand.

Things to look out for to increase longevity.

  • A robust chassis
  • bushed pivot points
  • pressure relief valve to prevent overloading of the pump
  • Wheel material – Nylon or Poly/Rubber? Nylon will last longer but Poly is quieter!
  • Powder coated framework.


Check which wheels are better suited for your environment

Poly/Rubber wheels

  • better suited for use in customer-facing environments where noise concerns need to be considered.
  • They are better suited on level surfaces such as tiled floors as they will become damaged more quickly on rougher surfaces. They will therefore need to be replaced sooner.
  • Poly/Rubber wheels wear more quickly in comparison to Nylon wheels.


Nylon wheels

  • Much more durable & robust than its rubber counterpart.
  • Can be used on surfaces that are uneven, contain debris, metal shards or chemical spills making them more ideal for factories and manufacturing facilities
  • If quietness is essential or a priority for you, consider Poly/Rubber wheels.




Lastly, and probably the most important consideration …. Cost!

Possibly the biggest consideration for anyone looking to purchase a Hand Pallet Truck is cost. Clearly, the more bells and whistles required, the higher the expense will be.

Pricing Rule: Consider the value of the Hand Pallet Truck not the cost.

It is much better value to spend more upfront for the best suited option than to keep paying for a cheaper option to be repaired.

Not only will this cost you more in the long run, but it will also mean that you will have trucks out of action and not on the shop floor.

The main question you need to ask is “Can you afford to have a truck out of action regularly?”, most businesses can’t and would therefore benefit from buying a much more reliable model upfront.


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