We can provide partition walls for many different environments.

We can provide partition walls for many different environments: double skin partitioning for office and cleanroom applications (where appearance is important or noise reduction and insulation a priority); single skin partitions for isolating a particular area; industrial mesh partitions (where security or storage is key); anti-collapse systems to help safely screen pallet racks (when handling or storing goods); and temporary conveyor/machinery guards which are quick and easy to assemble or dismantle as needed.

Single skin and double skin or mesh partitions for heavy duty, industrial applications or cleanroom & offices

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  • Mesh Partitioning

    Mesh Partitioning

  • Industrial Partitioning

    Industrial Partitioning

  • Office Partitioning

    Office Partitioning

  • Single Skin Partitioning

    Single Skin Partitioning

  • Double Skin Partitioning

    Double Skin Partitioning

  • Racking Partitions

    Racking Partitions

  • Mezzanine Floor Partitioning

    Mezzanine Floor Partitioning

  • Clean Rooms

    Clean Rooms

  • Security Areas

    Security Areas

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"During the last couple of years Heller has implemented a number of significant changes to its material handling systems. Amvar has provided support, experience, and cost effective solutions to facilitate our in-house improvements on time and within budget."

Jeff Potter, Heller Machine Tools Limited