Pramac is our European range of manual and pedestrian operated materials handling equipment, which has been in manufacture since 1966

The Italian plant where Pramac is developed and manufactured, employs highly experienced personnel in a fully integrated production process (from sheet metal to the finished product)

This experience coupled with the on-going development of the trucks ensure that the entire range of machines delivers top quality build and performance.

From light duty to intensive applications, Pramac product is backed up by Amvar’s excellent after-sales service and support to give you guaranteed uptime and safety of operation.


The Pramac range includes:

  • A full series of hand pallet trucks of differing capacities and fork sizes to match all applications, including galvanised, stainless steel and weigh scale options
  • Manual and electric high lift pallet trucks to make possible easy and light lifting of loads to a height of 800mm thus becoming a practical and safe work platform
  • Electric pallet trucks including the ‘CX’ 1200kg to 1400kg range which is ideal for manoeuvring in confined spaces such as on lorries or in narrow aisles
  • Manual stackers which provide an excellent compromise between price and performance
  • Semi-electric stackers characterized by manual traction and electrohydraulic lifting technology, including wide straddle versions for handling larger pallet sizes
  • A complete range of fully electric stacker trucks with capacities from 1000kg to 1600kg and lift heights up to 5 metres
  • Model CX12 Pallet Truck

    Model CX12 Pallet Truck

    Ideal where space is limited

  • Model RX10/16 Pallet Truck

    Model RX10/16 Pallet Truck

    Compact stacker, suitable for loads of up to 1000kg with a lift height of 1600mm

"Thank you for the recent stacker purchase. The machine arrived on Wednesday morning, and was operational within a couple of hours. Our first reactions are very positive, and the whole project has worked very smoothly. Thanks for making it so straightforward – I hope we can do more business in the future."

2WL Limited - John Welsh, Commercial Manager